Royal Bird’s Nest Gift Set

Our Bird’s Nest Gift Set comes in 2 forms: Cooked Bird’s Nest and Dried Bird’s Nest.

Whether you are looking for a gift for Mother’s Day, a Birthday, an Anniversary, or any celebration, our Bird’s Nest Gift Set is sure to make for a memorable yet practical present that everyone can enjoy. Through our 100% authentic bird’s nest that is prepared each day freshly in Singapore, you can send your well wishes and sincerest regards to your family members and friends.

Difference Between Cooked Bird’s Nest And Dried Bird’s Nest

The only difference between a cooked bird’s nest and a dried bird’s nest is the preparation required.

As its name suggests, a cooked bird’s nest has already been cleaned and prepared so you can eat it straight from the bottle or container. At Royal Bird’s Nest, we clean our 100% authentic bird’s nest using High Oxygen Water Technology. A first of its kind, this technology utilises highly oxygenated water to clean the bird’s nest, removing nitrates and bacteria like E.Coli and fungi while retaining the bird’s nests natural nutritional and nourishing properties.

On the other hand, a dried bird’s nest requires the recipient to clean and prepare by themselves, ensuring an incredibly fresh bird’s nest. To prepare a dried bird’s nest, you should first soak the bird’s nest in water for up to 2 hours before removing any leftover feathers or impurities. Proceed to boil the bird’s nest for a few minutes and drain and rinse with cold water. We recommend placing the bird’s nest under cold water for a few hours before consumption. This method allows you to prepare bird’s nests as desserts or savoury soups.

Why Is Bird’s Nest A Great Gift?

Bird’s nest has remained a popular gift for Mother’s Day and many more celebrations in Singapore for many years. This is because a bird's nest is one of the most prestigious gifts you can send to someone dear, as it possesses an imperial heritage and is commonly regarded as a delicacy. In addition, a bird's nest symbolises love and warmth, and sending it as a gift strengthens the close relationship between you and your recipient.

Bird’s nest is also a health-boosting food that guarantees good health, and when paired with other foods, it can make for a comforting dish.

Why Royal Bird’s Nest?

Royal Bird’s Nest prides itself on being a leading bird’s nest retailer in Singapore for more than 11 years. Our bird’s nest is 100% genuine and sourced from Indonesia without relying on any harmful chemicals and unnatural colourings. We also take a step further with our team of in-house professionals who enforce quality checks at every stage of the process, from cleaning and preparing to cooking and packaging.

As such, you can rest assured that our Bird's Nest Gift Set is of the highest quality. You should settle for nothing less if you plan to send this gift for Mother's Day or any special occasion involving a loved one.