5 Ways To Incorporate Bird’s Nest Into Your Diet

5 Ways To Incorporate Bird’s Nest Into Your Diet

Bird’s nest is exactly what its name implies – bird’s nest. Particularly, this kind of nest, which is made of solidified bird saliva, comes from a species of swallow birds in Southeast Asia. Due to its difficult retrieval process, authentic taste, and supplementary benefits, bird’s nest is a highly prized delicacy in many Asian countries like China and Singapore. 

For pregnant women, bird’s nest is especially recommended, though when to consume bird’s nest during pregnancy should be consulted with your doctor or gynecologist. There are actually different ways to incorporate bird’s nest into your day-to-day meals.

In this article, you will discover some of the best and most appetising ways to consume bird’s nest and make it a part of your overall diet. 

1. Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird’s nests are traditionally prepared as a hot soup and can have either a sweet or savoury taste. It is considered a high-end dish and is mainly served in celebratory banquets. However, it is often a very painstaking process to prepare a raw bird’s nest from scratch. You will need to clean and soak the bird’s nest meticulously in order to get rid of impurities, such as debris and feathers. 

Fortunately, it is now easy for people to make bird’s nest soup by purchasing premium grade bird’s nest strips that have been placed in a sterile environment and dried naturally, or ready-made soups that come in bottles. If you still prefer to use a raw bird’s nest to make your soup, it is highly advised to soak the bird’s nest in cool water overnight and clean it one more time the next day to eliminate the impurities.

2. Concentrated Premium Bird’s Nest 

Concentrated premium bird’s nest is a convenient way to consume a bird’s nest product that does not compromise on quality. This bird’s nest product is usually made in a boil-ready and microwavable package, so you can consume it anytime, without much hassle. Concentrated premium bird’s nest can come with different aromatic and savoury ingredients. For instance, Royal Bird’s Nest’s fresh double-boiled premium bird’s nest has rock sugar or ginseng and wolfberries for additional amazing flavours.

3. Bird’s Nest Drinks 

If you are a fan of refreshing beverages, there is some good news for you: you can enjoy the benefits of a bird’s nest by simply gulping ready-to-drink bird’s nest beverages! Usually, the bird’s nest contained in these drinks are hand-washed without artificial colour, bleaching, or preservatives, and every bottle has bits of swallow bird’s nests and powder that have been mixed to perfection. A bird’s nest drink can be perfectly paired with your everyday meals or drunk on its own.

4. Bird’s Nest Jelly 

If you like to add bird’s nest to your dessert options, you should try making a bird’s nest jelly. This sweet and nicely textured jelly is perfect for dessert or snack and can be prepared in just a few hours. 

To make a simple bird’s nest jelly, place the bird’s nest in water with sugar and double steam it. You can add various ingredients to make the jelly more flavourful, such as wolfberries, honey, and dried osmanthus flowers. For the best results, you should let the mixture sit inside the fridge overnight or for at least 6 hours.

5. Bird’s Nest Congee 

Bird’s nest congee is an easy dish to prepare and is quite delicious for those who prefer a light and nutritious diet. To make this dish, you simple need a bird’s nest, rice, eggs, minced lean meat, and salt. It can be cooked in under an hour and is a perfect alternative to steamed rice or bread during lunch or dinner. 

To achieve the best tasting bird’s nest congee, it is recommended to soak the bird’s nest for at least 3 hours and rinse it well afterwards to eliminate any impurities.


There are lots of amazing ways to incorporate bird’s nest into your diet. Aside from the traditional bird’s nest soup, you can also turn nutritious bird’s nest into a beverage, jelly, congee, and many other incredible dishes. This just proves how versatile bird’s nests are. So, if you are still wondering whether bird’s nest should be a part of your day-to-day meals, the answer you are looking for is a definite yes

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